Feather Soft Technology Solutions provides Integrated and Optimized Services with impeccable quality and also offers Customized Solutions to suit your exact requirements!

We are well equipped with great infrastructure and a team of extremely talented and experienced professionals with hands-on experience. We appreciate and understand the need to maintain the integrity of data and the specific technical requirements of our clients across the globe.

We bring to the table a wide range of skill sets to work, to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout our production cycle. We consolidate our skills and knowledge to provide dynamic technology solutions and services according to your needs whether conventional or contemporary, with a holistic team which will respond quick and deliver efficiently and effectively.



Our approach is to identify areas in your business that can benefit from your business goal of getting more customers and serving each customer in time with supreme quality.

Also we provide high quality, easy to use and affordable software that simplifies Web management tasks and helps non-technical users to gather, extract, organise and analyse information available on the web.



Feather Soft provide friendly and great customer service and offer our services at reasonable budget to all of our clients.

The following are some of the unique benefits and advantages you get when you make us your preferred BPO service provider:

  • Having access to an extensive variety of innovation driven services.
  • Efficient Delivery Teams with Excellent Track Record
  • Great increase in Revenue and Productivity for your business
  • Increase satisfaction to your clients as services are delivered in a timely manner and in great quality
  • Customized solutions to meet the particular needs of your business